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NSFW Trigger – WARning: hypocrasy- Death DO NOT READ ON without personal discretion

Vladimir and Vlodomyr can both suck it. Nobody wins War. We only care when two white nations fight

Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Palestine sorry we literally don’t care once we knock you out & let the warlords move in life wolves onto the people (whatever starvation and cholera doesent take out) or establish a settler outpost like the former- you on your own, all additional resources must maintain a flex on chineese trade routes like the last 500 years.

Why do actual genetic brothers India & Pakistan have nukes aimed at eachother like that’s ok? Post colonial map making in Africa… how long ago did George Cloony smile as they carved up the Sudan and splinter the control over the Nile with yet another missionary Christian nation.

The internet exists all eyes see all lies. Masks off already. Lockheed & Raytheon your expectations and start using the diplomats. A Russian minor war murdered by Ukrainians today its not a bastion of lgbtq & there is no democracy. Donor nations have citizens and soldiers who can’t afford bread