O waddt’ya know The people have the power!

Our diaspora put up w this BS too long.

Na but like.. 44 years and women get beaten for hair?

Like.. are we just taliban style forced repent or die ways in my homeland now?

Fucking enough already.

Na na naaa

Republic without the monarch of the past, let’s be anti theocratic regime but not automatically = USA puppet state either. It sure as hell won’t be be us here deciding what a nation w 60+% under the age of 30 but its clearly no sanity left or any shred of the former barrel of a gun legitimacy this regime hijacked from the end of the 79 revolution after the Religious back stabbed all the other revolutionary factions that shared savak prisons and torture cells w them the prior years

This poster was designed by our one man art department Jason Wren. I asked him tonkake me a modern custom Iranian flag

The asiatic cheetah is native to Iran, also critically endangered like Iran.

Freedom one day but art forever

Commissioned and owned by me. This exact copy taken off fb for smaller size easy share. Original in my direct possession I declare fair use for good free intent as non denominational or ideologically specific submission as a potential future flag !? 😎😛🥰