Cliches are all true

I read it on some caption that you compain about the days you used to dream of.

I legit felt bad that I had only sold 50 tonight

Then I thought about days (that may come again at any time) when there was 3 people in the audience & there wasn’t even a cover charge ‘ they were barley awake & I was hosting it for another 5 hrs

Those were ” worse” days- they were low key the greatest of times I was thrilled 3 people came to see us- but either way I could ONLY have dreamed of selling where I would be dreaming about selling “only 50” one night.

I’m gonna look back one way or another- by then 50 night be worth more – it night seem like a fraction of a fraction of 3 people.

Either way I am so lucky to be doing any of this. Wowow

Thank you if you came- performed – will to a future show yoyoyoyoyoyooooo u the best


First 17 pics are via PINKY STROKER on FB ‘the other 51 are by me